Note: This post will work for those browsing their facebook through Opera Mini and not the Facebook App.

Why You Should Add Your Friends To Your Close List.

1. It helps you see a friends update.

2. Helps you become an active commenter and liker.

How To Add Your Friends To Your Close List

1. Sign in to your Facebook account.

2. Go to the profile of the friend you want to add close.

3. Scroll down till you see "Install Facebook on your phone and browse faster".

4. Once you're there, click on "See Friend Lists" before "Install Facebook on your phone and browse faster".

5. Wait for it to load and open. Now check "Close Friends".

6. Finally, click on "Done".

With that, you are good to go.

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If you know others methods through which one can add their friends to their close list, do not hesitate to inform me through the comment box below. If you encountered any complication, also use the comment

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  1. Thanks for this guide. this is the best guide so far for me.

    1. Welcome.
      Glad to know you found this helpful.

  2. Someone I have on close friend list is now shut in and spendsbe very minute of the day posting on Facebook and I am getting too many notifications I want to take her off my close friend list to stop these constant notifixations coming into my phone constantly all day every day but cannot figure oit how to get to elwhere to go on fb to unchecked her as a close friend, need help before I am driven crazy

    1. Hello ma'am.
      To handle this issue, kindly go to the friends profile, click "see friend list" then uncheck "close friends", finally, click "done".
      I hope this helps.

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  4. Was really helpful. I had thought it ain't possible with opera mini. thanks a lot!

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